Opening of Z Skyway Station on April 8th

What can we possibly say about the amazing people at Z Energy!  They are wonderful on so many levels.

Gerri was the very first of a now huge list of people and companies that approached Steve West at Charge Net NZ, interested in bringing the energy future of Electric Vehicle ownership to the New Zealand public.

Z is an Energy company, not a petrol station, and they are working hard to bring a cleaner, brighter, and more socially resilient future to Kiwis.  We have huge respect for their community outreach program, and we have enjoyed working with the team in our capacities as Charge Net NZ and the Better NZ Trust.

Opening Z skyways with some of the team at Z, including the truly wonderful Judy Ryan, and Steve West and Chelsea Sexton was a huge honour and a major feather in both the Z and Charge Net NZ caps.  The Better NZ Trust wish both amazing companies well as the continue #LeadingTheCharge toward a better future for all of New Zealand.

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