Without the connections and collaborators in Northland, there would be no trust, and there probably wouldn’t be a fast charging network either.

Steve and Dee West have been involved in a wonderful working relationship with the Northland Regional Council, several local champions (including Craig Salmon, Joe and Jane Camuso, Russell Watson, and many others) and of course Northpower.

There was a great turn out and a lot of interest and foot traffic at the event that ran from 7am-7pm on Whangarei’s canopy bridge.

Three Tesla were on a continuous loop of giving people test rides throughout the day.  It is estimated more than 100 test rides were given with three or four passengers each time.  That’s a lot of EV grins and great stories to share, and exactly what the Better NZ Trust aimed to achieve.  Outreach and experience.

One of the major initiatives of the Better NZ Trust is to get people to experience the joy of resilient technologies.  That’s a pretty easy ask with Electric Vehicles.  People having a chance to be drivers or even passengers are forever changed by the experience.

We are eternally grateful to the amazing Champions in Whangarei who helped us to have such a wonderful day.

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