Sytse Tacoma joins us in Wellington for #LeadingTheCharge


Joining us in Wellington for #LeadingTheCharge is Sytse Tacoma.

Sytse is 25 years of age and has a dream.

“Electric vehicles are set to transform how we think about energy and the way we travel. My goal is to build an electric motorcycle that will change New Zealand’s perception of electric vehicles through its performance and convenience. I hope to inspire Kiwi’s to move towards renewable technologies and promote electric vehicles in New Zealand.” He says.

After two years of work he has completed his  first electric motorcycle. The motorcycle is road registered in New Zealand and it has done 1,800 km of road use so far.


The Motosync Electric Motorcycle is based on an Aprilia RS 250 petrol bike. He stripped out the petrol components and replaced them with a fully electric power plant. There is no recipe for a build like this; Sytse designed and built all the components himself with the help of a few dedicated friends. The motorcycle’s electric heart consists of three major components:

–       65hp AC induction electric motor producing 112Nm of torque (the same as a 1000CC super bike)

–       6.5kWh of Lithium ion phosphate battery pack; an equivalent energy storage to 1000 smart phones. The pack delivers 650amps @ 120 volts which is the same as 23 toasters, 50 blenders or 300 washing machines all running at the same time.

–       Motor controller which measures the throttle position and converts DC power from the batteries to AC power for the motor.

The combined result is a machine that can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 4 seconds; it has a range of 120km’s and costs $1.50 to fully charge for another 120 km! Each charge takes 3 hours through a standard 10 amp wall socket. He is currently procuring a new battery pack which will see the bike extend its range to better than 200 km and reduce the charge time to just 20 minutes.

Whilst a high-performance machine like this bike may not be the ultimate for the general public, it does clearly demonstrate that the perception of EV’s as slow, boring and impractical vehicles is no longer true.

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