Really, really – How do we rate? Not very well at all (in the EV stakes)

Last year the number of electrically powered cars increased worldwide by almost 750,000 to around 1.3 million. The ZSW came to this total in its latest assessment (Feb 2016) of developments in electric mobility. The researchers recorded around 550,000 new registrations in 2015, up 68% from last year when 330,000 new electric vehicles were sold. Many of these new electric cars – just over 207,000 – are motoring on China’s roads. And with that, the fleet of electric vehicles in China has tripled in number to 307,000. More electric cars – a total of 410,000 – are registered in the United States than in any other country.  (Source ZSW )

New Zealand has 1057.

Barry Barton and Peter Schütte of the University of Waikato published research last year looking at New Zealand in a comparative context. This study analyzes laws and policy measures that can be put in place in order to encourage the uptake of EVs in the light vehicle fleet. The EV policies of California, Norway, and Germany receive particular attention.

The investigation draws on major recent studies under the auspices of the International Energy Agency, the International Council on Clean Transportation, the United States National Research Council, and the British Climate Change Committee. From them and much other research emerges a consistent story about the barriers to the uptake of EVs and the success of policy measures to overcome the barriers. Full report is HERE




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