Orion – our local sponsor in Christchurch

The Better NZ Trust are delighted that Orion are sponsoring our events in Christchurch, especially the evening discussion at the Sudima Christchurch Airport “The Power is in our Hands – the Future of NZ Transport” 

Some words from our sponsor:

Why is Orion interested in electric vehicles?

“Orion is excited by the prospect of facilitating a future where electric vehicles are commonplace. We want to maximise the positive opportunities electric vehicles hold for the community and country, and to that we need to plan carefully for the impact of electric vehicles on our power network.

We build our network to cope with times when power demand is highest – those cold winter mornings and evenings when we get up, or return home, and turn on lights, heaters and other appliances about the house. If electric vehicles are plugged in for recharging at these same peak times, then power demand will go up, and we will need to build additional capacity on our network.

That’s why we encourage the charging of electric vehicles at night when electricity usage in homes and businesses is low.  Night charging of electric vehicles will limit the need for increased electricity network and generation capacity, saving consumers and increase power prices.

Night charging also makes sense for the car owner as power costs are lower at night so recharging is cheaper.

Managed overnight charging of electric vehicles is one of those rare opportunities where the consumer, business and the environment all win from doing the same thing.

That’s why Orion is interested in electric vehicles and why we are promoting the message of “be bright – charge your electric vehicle at night”.

Orion New Zealand Ltd

Orion is pleased to be on board as the main local sponsor and support an event that is helping highlight the benefits and accelerate the uptake of EVs. It’s also an opportunity to further demonstrate our strong commitment to innovation.

Orion New Zealand Limited owns and operates the electricity distribution network in Christchurch and central Canterbury.

We’re one of the largest networks in New Zealand and we’re owned by the Christchurch City Council (89.3%) and Selwyn District Council (10.7%).

Our core purpose is to deliver a safe, secure and cost-effective supply of electricity to our 195,000 customers.”


Thank you Orion

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