New Zealand consistently hitting 90% renewable over last 6 months

As we head towards International Drive Electric Week (September 10th to 18th) one of the questions that is going to be consistently asked will be “Don’t Electric Cars run on fossil fuel produced electricity?”

As EV owners know New Zealand is fortunate to have a large amount of renewable energy at our disposal and we quote 80% as the norm, but in a Transpower release issued yesterday we are told that the peak percentage of renewables has been 90% or higher for EACH MONTH since February and the peak percentage of renewables reached 93% on the week starting 27 June 2016.

“There are very few countries that can boast over 90% renewable generation. New Zealand should feel proud that as a country, we can run such a green power system and have a continued commitment to do so”  says Transpower Chief Executive Alison Andrew

The Better NZ Trust are working together with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) to promote International Drive Electric Week in New Zealand.

EECA is promoting electric vehicles in New Zealand as part of the Government’s electric vehicles programme; EVs take advantage of New Zealand’s renewable electricity and create 80% fewer CO2 emissions than a petrol or diesel car.


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2 thoughts on “New Zealand consistently hitting 90% renewable over last 6 months

  1. That’s excellent news,
    Lets hope the government will provide more incentives to locally car dealers like Nissan etc.. to import the e-NV200 Electric vans.
    So we don’t have to rely solely on the importation of used vehicles.

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