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Steve took possession of the Tesla(tm) Roadster a few weeks after he bought me the Leaf.  We've never looked back. EV or nothing for the West Family.
Steve took possession of the Tesla(tm) Roadster a few weeks after he bought me the Leaf. We’ve never looked back. EV or nothing for the West Family.

Steve and I happened across the EV community here in NZ nearly a decade ago now.

Back in the beginning, it was impossible to purchase an Electric Vehicle, so conversions were the order of the day.  His original conversion sits on the shop floor at the ChargeNet/solPR headquarters in Rosedale on Auckland’s North Shore.

We have made lifelong friends who have been tinkering with conversions since the early days.  The most notable probably being Allan and Ann Miller (Allan has been driving an MX5 conversion for several years now) Tom and Tab, and Nick Smith.  We work and play together and rarely a week goes by that we don’t speak to each other, all thanks to running into them at some point, somewhere while we went about busying ourselves with EV geek behaviours.  There are too many other people who we see in work and social circles that we might not have met without our combined passion for all things Electric and sustainable.

Things have changed so much and so quickly.

We are officially a full EV family with a Tesla Roadster, Tesla P85+ S and a Nissan Leaf in our garage.  There is a Lexus 450H on the asset register for my PR firm solPR, but day to day we drive and thrive in all Electric Vehicles.

I have to take a moment and say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been so kind to us, and all the friends we have made on our road trip, and just through the work we are doing to try and encourage the uptake of this far superior commuter technology here in New Zealand.

Our very first full EV… An embarrassingly overpriced Nissan Leaf. Have never regretted it for a moment, but Kiwis can purchase this exact car for less than half what we paid for it a few years ago. The price of early adoption… ouch…

The EV community here in New Zealand is warm, kind, intelligent, enthusiastic and welcoming.  We have made, and continue to make friends from all corners of Aotearoa.  We’re a diverse and colourful bunch, brought together through the solidarity of wanting a better future and knowing that there is a cleaner, smarter, and far more fun way for Kiwi’s to get from point A to B.

Thanks for taking the time to tune into what we’re doing, and please get in touch with me, or anyone in of us if you want to know more about what’s going on with team #LeadingTheCharge.

– Dee



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    1. Steve has now imported two Tesla and has a third coming in from Australia in early October. He will be sharing an in depth blog on his experiences very soon. Please understand that we are in NO WAY endorsed or encouraged by Tesla, and there is no official Tesla sales or service channels here in NZ. We are very fond of the cars that we have and we also own a Nissan Leaf that we are very fond of. EV is a wonderful alternative transport and has taken off all over the world and will be reaching tipping point and mass adoption here in New Zealand sooner, rather than later, we hope! Have a great week and thanks for getting in touch.

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