Kaeo and Pahia

After a wonderful and spiritual dawn at Cape Reinga, we turned on our heels and headed back down the island.

We had a lovely breakfast before heading South with Amy, Phil, Sean, Steve, Dee, Annette, Annette’s dad, and of course my new BFF Chelsea.

The first official stop was Kaeo.  We had a great feed of fish and chips (fush n chups in good Kiwi vernacular) and met some lovely locals!

The next stop was the Green in Paihia.  Swarms of enthusiastic onlookers, including a few of the senior grades from Paihia primary school came along for the event.

Chelsea was plucked from the crowd where she was her usual gracious self, and she answered some of the children’s questions with great poise and enthusiasm.

I asked all the teachers and the teacher in charge if it would be okay for us to share pictures of the kids, and they kindly said it would be fine.

I hope they find an opportunity to show the school Who Killed The Electric Car and Revenge of The Electric car so they can see the movie star who came all the way down to New Zealand from Los Angeles to talk to them about EV in action!

After the talk I let the kids get autographs from Chelsea.  The kids enthusiastically got her signing shirts and arms and hats.

I’ll pick up back in Whangarei and let you know how that all went, but for now, I’ll leave you with some pictures from the wonderful (but LONG) day traveling down from the far North.

Thanks for joining our adventures, we are all so grateful to everyone who is showing interest!
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