Chelsea Sexton joins the #LeadingTheCharge Road Trip

The Better NZ Trust is delighted that Chelsea Sexton is joining us for the first week of our Road trip, flying into Auckland on the 4th April.

Chelsea Sexton’s electric transportation background includes working on General Motors’ EV1 program, serving as Director of the Automotive X PRIZE, Senior Advisor for VantagePoint Capital Partners, and co-founding Plug In America. Chelsea was featured in Who Killed the Electric Car?, and was a Consulting Producer on Revenge of the Electric Car. She currently serves as an advisor, consultant, and general pot-stirrer, and is quoted frequently in a variety of media outlets.

More to follow!

Photo credit Bill Wadman

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2 thoughts on “Chelsea Sexton joins the #LeadingTheCharge Road Trip

  1. Read about her, and that she advises car makers regarding the EV. Is there any way to contact her personally? IMO, she ought to know about a new vehicle concept that ‘has it all’. She’ll agree that in order for the EV to really become successful, it needs to ‘move on’ from the (Tesla) early adopter strategy, and present a viable and desirable alternative to a broader public.

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